Montclair CA Fencing Instruction

Looking for Group or Private Fencing Lessons? Want to Improve your Overall Fitness and Strength? Inland Fencing Academy offers Professional Youth and Adult Fencing Classes for all Skill Levels!

Inland Fencing Academy is a fencing instruction center in Montclair, CA offering professional classes for all ages. Fencing is a martial art which helps you acquire discipline and physical fitness. Benefits include improved muscle control, coordination, mental alertness and improved decision making. Our fencing instructors have over 60 years of combined experience developing excellent teaching methods that allow students to learn at their own pace. Whether you are looking for a beginner's class or need competitive training, call our expert trainers today at 909-450-2191 or 855-445-1801.Fencing Lessons

Our mission at Inland Fencing Academy is to offer the best instructors to teach our students to be the best they can be. If you are interested in increasing your focus, mental alertness or balance, consider fencing lessons! Youth fencing training also looks great on college applications. You may be surprised at how easy and manageable we make fencing instruction.

Whether for recreation or local, regional, national, or international competition, we are ready to help you increase your fencing skills. At Inland Fencing Academy, located in Montclair, California, we organize competitive fencing events for competitive fencers and the general public. Join our audience or become a competitor in our exciting upcoming events. Contact us to learn of our upcoming events!

Competitive Fencing Pricing

  • Youth Classes: Pricing is based on age or level. Youth classes for students ages 7–12 are $55 per month.
  • Adult Classes: Adult Classes are separated by age. Students ages 13 and older are considered juniors and attend adult classes. Junior students ages 13–18 are $60 per month. Seniors ages 19 and above are $70 per month.
  • Open Practice: Open Practice is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm for just $10.
  • Private Training: Private training is one-on-one with a coach for 30 minutes per session, available Monday through Thursday, as well as Saturday. Each session is $30 and includes customized lessons designed for each student according to their level. We will make corrections and introduce new actions, ensuring the student can complete them before moving on in this intensive training.

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